Topographic Survey

✔ Establish control points / first Order /GPS receivers/precise leveling…
✔ Vast projects Topography surveys /agriculture /roads…
✔ Infrastructure coordinates control / Total station / multistory building

RS & GIS Mapping

✔ Acquire and Monitor quality of Datasets /Arial photogrammetry /satellites/Drones ….
✔ Analyze Collected or Remote sensed data
✔ Develop or build Geo/databases
✔ Mapping and evaluating natural resources & Land Cover

Geospatial Modeling

✔ Hydrology modeling,
✔ Plantation growth modeling
✔ Health modeling (epidemics/pandemic)
✔ Decision support system

Agricultural and Irrigation Studies & Designs

✔ Prefeasibility/feasibility agro studies.
✔ Irrigation network designs.
✔ Water harvesting

Training & Building Capacities

✔ Customized courses in RS, GIS and Surveys tools RCWU hydro informatics training.
✔ The of RS & GIS in Environment Studies Training.