We are researchers, innovators and communicators, but most of all we are a band of musicians: each of us knows exactly which notes to play to make nature’s harmony!

projects Manager

Hydro informatics/hydrology & hydraulics /geospatial modeling /irrigation and earthwork designs/water harvesting/SCADA &Automation

Hydraulic Structures Specialist

hydraulics designs/structural designs /infrastructures supervision

Water resource & GIS Specialist

irrigation and earthwork designs/water harvesting

Water resource & GIS Specialist

drainages /spatial analysis/base maps

Geomatics specialist

geodetic analysis /GPS station/ITRF/control points

project manager

Geomatics specialist /Earthworks supervision / Dams/Roads designs

team leader​

geodetics surveys /Roads Agric, dams & utilities surveys /  infrastructures construction supervision / precise leveling

remote sensing specialist​

Collection, analysis, modelling, digital image processing of geographic & Remote sensed data for Natural Resources and land cover/ Geo-Database/ Geo-statistical analysis/ Geospatial Decision Support Tools/ Technical support

logistics control

Environmental studies/Remote sensing / Field investigations/ Drones/GPS

Architecture Designer

CAD/multimedia genus  /3D-models and animation

IT Professional

Server and Web GIS Developer and Geodatabase Administrator

Environmental Expert

ESIA/HSE/Decision Support modeling

Team Leader

Irrigation specialist ,WRMU …